About us

Our company was founded in 2009. The choice of Czech Republic was based on the fact that this country is located in the center of Europe where the general trade flows between Europe and Asia are concentrated. Czech Republic has a stable economic climate along with up-to-date technologies and infrastructure. It is very important that costs of many types of services in Czech Republic are much lower comparing to the countries of Western Europe. Import and export volumes, cargo shipped through Czech Republic are steady growing and foreign trade service become more and more essential here. 
In 2012 our company became a member of the Czech Chamber of Commerce (http://www.komora.cz) and this fact is an additional proof of our honesty, reliability and responsibility.

    Our activity:

    • commission services between companies from EU, the CIS countries and China;
    • import and export of goods from EU, the CIS countries and China;
    • customs clearance and logistic services;
    • consulting and training in foreign trade;
    • business accounting in import/export operations.

    Our personnel:

    • was professionally trained in sphere of foreign trade, International management, Customs service, Legal right and Business accounting in Russia as well as in Europe;
    • has a big experience in foreign trade activity since 2005;
    • successfully negotiated with international and national companies from Europe and Russia.

    Our experience:

    • we supplied various assortment of goods (chemicals, metal and glass production, polyethylene, electronics, sanitary goods, etc.);
    • we exported goods from different European countries such as Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Russia, China, South Korea, etc.;
    • we delivered products by means of different ways and transports: air, road, railway and multimodal transportation;
    • we participated in production of electronic goods in China.

    Our advantages:

    • we offer our clients the whole complex of services attributed to the export and import operations from EU, the CIS countries and China;
    • we realize integrated solutions in organization of products and suppliers search, optimal logistics selection and customs clearance of goods;
    • we can organize all documentary work from shipping documents to licensing documentation, conduct customs clearance of any good in EU, the CIS countries and Сhina, deliver cleared goods to the place required;
    • we lend an information support providing the full information content about import and export conditions and preliminary calculation of all services;
    • we cooperate with leading forwarding companies to optimize transport charges and reduce delivery period and risks associated with transportation;
    • we cooperate with reliable and time-tested partners in sphere of foreign trade.