Your purchasing agent in Europe

Are you planning to import goods from EU or already do it?

Komlinie s.r.o. can totally and professionally serve as a purchasing agent in EU to provide all operations connected with export of goods from EU to the CIS countries.

There are situations with export from EU when our company can easily and successfully help you:

  • You found supplier in EU and want to export goods;
  • Your supplier in EU denies to supply;
  • Your supplier in EU sells its goods in national currency, you have accounts in euro or USD;
  • European supplier issue an invoice with VAT, you don’t want to pay VAT;
  • You have several suppliers from EU and you have to accumulate goods at the single warehouse;
  • You need to deliver goods to the CIS countries and other countries from several European suppliers at the same time;
  • You have permanent export operations, short-run batches or one-time purchases in Europe and deliveries to the CIS countries;
  • You purchased goods but the European supplier doesn’t want to make out customs declaration EX1 (EXA) or certificate of origin;
  • You need all export documentation to be drawn competent and according to your claims;
  • Your forwarding company denies to make customs declaration EX1 (EXA);
  • You have to optimize your expenses of purchases and delivery of goods within EU and to reduce thereby financial costs connected with export of EU;
  • You need a business partner in EU who can deal with purchases and export of goods from your suppliers.

Our company is located in the center of Europe, in Prague (Czech Republic) that makes our business with Europe efficient and profitable.

Our rates: is identified individually depending on services and volumes and measured at an average 5-10% from the amount of export transactions but no more than 500 Euro.