Certification of goods is one of measures of nontariff regulation of foreign trade. All goods imported to Russia must fit technical, pharmacological, sanitary, veterinarian and ecological standards and claims required. Certification is aimed to prevent import of goods that can make harm a security of the state, life or health of people, environment, life or health of flora and fauna.

Komlinie s.r.o. is ready to assist in reception of following permit documents:

  • sanitation certificate;
  • certificate of conformity GOST;
  • declaration of conformity;
  • “negative” letter of Russian Research Institute for Certification JSC (VNIIS);
  • fire safety certificate;
  • certificate of state registration (in frame of Eurasian Economic Community);
  • certificates of phytosanitary control;
  • veterinary certificate;
  • expert opinions and test reports;
  • expert opinions of Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

We regularly make out permit documents for company of importer as well as company of manufacturer. We can process all certificates required as soon as possible.