Import and export

Komlinie offers total foreign trade maintenance in Czech Republic and import/export customs service. Our company can provide following services:

  • foreign trade consulting;
  • manufacturers and producers search in EU, the CIS countries and China;
  • negotiations with suppliers, agreement of transaction terms;
  • drawing up of foreign trade contracts and its audit;
  • customs duties calculation;
  • business accounting;
  • registration of company as a foreign trade maker at the EU customs (Czech Republic);
  • customs broker search and HS code identification;
  • translation and preparation of the documents for customs clearance;
  • execution of the certificate of origin;
  • execution of permit import/export documents;
  • forwarding company search and transportation of any goods;
  • collection of the goods from different suppliers in a single warehouse;
  • insurance of the commodities;
  • control of performance of customs procedures;
  • placing of cargoes in customs warehouses;
  • completing of TIR CARNET, CMR and other documents;
  • information about import/export statistics from and to Russia.

The complex foreign trade maintenance is very pressing item when companies prefer advantages of outsourcing. To the companies that need foreign trade outsourcing belong:

  • the companies opened recently or which have no experience in foreign trade;
  • the companies which have no qualified personnel in sphere of foreign trade;
  • the companies which have no permanent import/export traffic;
  • the companies which prefer to focus on their principal activity;
  • the companies which optimize their expenses, risks and responsibility.

Within the limits of foreign trade support the client can issue import on its own behalf, it means to conclude a contract directly with supplier/buyer and to perform as importer/exporter. If the client doesn’t want to be direct importer/exporter we can offer full foreign trade maintenance on behalf of Komlinie s.r.o.

Our company is ready to render professional and qualified services in sphere of import and export goods from EU, the CIS countries and China.

If you plan or already have experience in import transactions from EU to the CIS countries we can offer to use our service “Your purchasing agent in Europe”.