Consultations and training

Custom, tax and right legislation in EU, Russia and China are always developing and changing. That’s why our staff regularly tracks all changes in foreign trade and periodically study in different countries.

We can reply all questions concerning with:

  • custom legislation and foreign trade;
  • custom clearance, classification of goods according to Harmony system;
  • foreign trade execution and conclusion of it between market players;
  • tax legislation, business accounting of foreign trade and optimization of costs;
  • certification of goods, registration of permit import/export documentation;
  • insurance of goods;
  • warranty claims and pretentious production;
  • customs statistics of import/export from or to Russia.

In terms of our experience and legislation we can give you any advice according to specific activity of your company, feathers of your transactions. We will audit your foreign trade activity and all documentation. In case of need we’re ready to represent the interests of the client at state or commercial organizations, to conclude the contracts and arrange bargains on behalf of the client as well as on our own behalf.